Hi I’m Lucy,

Transforming the lives of ambitious women who are ready to harness self belief and finally take action to embrace a new career or business direction

I used to suffer from Action & Money Blocks in my old corporate business role and life. I was a high achiever but I felt like something was holding me back, and perfectionism, procrastination and Impostor Syndrome were firm favourites in my life, alongside undervaluing and not speaking up for myself. This resulted in not earning as much as I could have. I had core beliefs floating through my mind such as “you have to work hard to earn money” and “money doesn’t grow on trees” and this was coupled with a mindset of thinking if I was very obedient and worked hard people would see that and I would be rewarded…. however I watched other people with quite the opposite beliefs be over rewarded. I saw that I was missing a piece of the puzzle… confidence, self belief, a strong money mindset.

So whilst I did achieve a good level of success, it wasn’t at my core the success I desired and I didn’t have the happiness I felt I could have. Eventually I hit burn out. I remember saying to a colleague “I don’t want to break my back doing all this work for no reward” to which he pointed out no one should be “breaking their back” in a corporate job. I realised then I was out of alignment and my mindset needed reworking.

Also, my heart wasn’t in it anymore. I’d loved City life, but 15 years later I was no longer aligned to working for other people, the 9-5 or the Finance & Tech world so I switched up my whole life, realigned with my soul, discovered what I was passionate about and ventured out on my own, to live an uncompromised life on my terms.

This was a) very exciting because I was following my heart and passions, choosing my destiny by going in the direction I wanted to be going and b) it was incredibly scary and challenging because I was completely changing my direction and stepping away from everything I’d previously invested in. I had to work through all these mindset issues i’d identified, and more that I hadn’t. I had to work through many many things about myself and it challenged me to address my fears around being seen and heard, of judgement from others, and installing firm boundaries.

It took me a long time…particularly at first, when I knew I wanted to leave my corporate life but I had no idea how to or what I wanted to do…. It took way longer than it should have.

I was following a process that was missing crucial steps and I was trying to do it all on my own and from a conscious level. Why? Because I didn’t have the knowledge and understanding that it can actually be way simpler than this. I also didn’t have the tools that I now have that MASSIVELY speed up this transformational process in an amazing way. Life really can change in a heartbeat.

Life can be far more easy and fulfilling than we think. And it can be done on our terms, by realigning to our soul’s desire. So I drilled down on my passions, what lit up my heart (the inner workings of the mind, hypnotherapy), I looked at which areas of my career I enjoyed and where I thrived, and I set about designing a business (and lifestyle) for myself which incorporated all the elements I’m really good at.

Designing my business was one thing, then there were the actual steps of putting it into motion and taking aligned action. Running a business is the most vital self development activity you can do because it challenges all your core beliefs, and puts you in the spotlight – there’s no hiding and the buck stops with you. If you want to make your business a success then you have to deal with your blocks head on and fast!

It brought up all sorts of blocks for me – fear of being seen, fear of being heard. I had to work through my shadows, face my impostor syndrome and sort that out, build up my confidence. When times were slow at the beginning I had to massively upgrade my self belief so that I could have the faith to keep going – that’s what I discovered successful people do – they keep taking aligned action consistently because they believe in the future outcome – even when it’s not physically in their hands they keep on going. I wanted to be more successful than I’d ever been, so I adopted this mindset too.

I worked on my relationship with money – how to really believe in myself and what I offer people – and as I saw the amazing results I achieved with my clients, I grew even more confident in my ability to change people’s lives and the intrinsic value there is in that.

And as I worked through all this stuff I also experienced working through and clearing one block just for it to come back again in a new way. I learnt how to deal with that and that these blocks can be like peeling back layers of onions – there are layers to it and I developed a process to work through this.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you take the first step on this exciting journey.

How I did it:

I went on a long spiritual pilgrimage (think Eat, Pray, Love on steroids), to discover who I really was. I invested a heap of money on training and self development, learnt about the quantum field and the mystical, mastering alignment with my highest self and the Universe to move into flow, experiencing at a deep level that the Universe does have my back (and yours if you let it!), experiencing that when I’m in my flow state the magic happens, my dreams come true with more ease than I ever could have imagined.

I smashed through my subconscious programs and upgraded myself in so many ways. I let go of the limiting beliefs that were holding me back, keeping me small, keeping me away from embracing my true essence.

I learnt to have boundaries in a way I had never known before. I learnt how to align myself to my heart and soul, to put myself fully onto my path of authentic happiness and purpose so that I could help others be the best versions of themselves and make the huge changes I’ve made.

It feels so good to never let anything compromise your dreams, and I manifested that in my life, which is a life by my design, fully supported and in direct communication with the Universe.

Once I learned all of this stuff and shed the layers of my past I shifted from hard work to ease. I finally felt a much deeper and profound sense of self and inner confidence, and was no longer held back. I became an attractor of my future self rather than chasing…and my business really took off… the perfect opportunities and Clients showed up for me and the positive transformations I enabled for them were just so massive and profound I could not ignore that I was finally in alignment with my passions!

This amazing transformation I experienced enables me to help other brilliant women to experience the same joy, peace and excitement that this metamorphosis has brought me. Because once you believe in magic why not share it far and wide for the benefit of all?

And I want that for you… BUT without spending the decade it took me to make this transition.

Having been through the long haul, I’ve combined a number of amazing techniques which instantly build momentum so that you don’t have to spend 10 years like I did in utter struggle and paralysis. My Clients get to capitalise on my journey and my evolution – I share the techniques and knowledge that I’ve accumulated in that time to fast track them onto their highest path and most aligned beingness.

I work with my clients, using all my skills and experience gained over 20 years, helping amazing ambitious women to become empowered women in their own right and redesign their life on their terms by following their passion pathway.

I am an expert in empowering women to manifest their heart aligned life unapologetically and it is my mission to use my specialised and unique skills to help amazing, intelligent women just like you to unlock their abundance vortex and attract to them the life they dream of.