Finally take the leap and pivot your path into a new business or career direction

It’s time to smash through your action blocks and upgrade your money mindset to make a success of your true purpose and passion… beyond your wildest dreams

You’re desperate to take the leap into a new direction but those thoughts of financial instability and the crippling fear of failure are keeping you from the path that you KNOW is meant to be taken. 

Your current career path or business works on some level – there’s no denying that – it serves a purpose – BUT – you know it’s also disheartening because it’s out of alignment with the person you’ve evolved into.

You desire a life driven by passion, and meaning, where you feel excited each and every day, doing work that gives you energy rather than depletes you, that compliments all areas of your life.

This reality can be yours and you know it.

But you’re not there yet – far from it. 

If you’re trying to make your desires a reality but you feel like something invisible is holding you back from reaching your goals, then Metamorphosis is for you.

It’s time to make that quantum leap into a fulfilling life!

When you put your trust in Lucy the true magic of your own personal transformation is only just around the corner from where you are now!

You can’t put a price on happiness and since seeing Lucy my world has begun to open up in such a short space of time.

Don’t wait another minute before engaging Lucy’s services and you won’t be disappointed with the new you waiting to emerge from the ashes. 

A. Phoenix

Tell me, is this about right?

You are familiar with ambition and success, but your current experience is tiring and unrewarding even though it pays the bills.

It’s become monotonous and often arduous and you find you have to drag yourself through your day.

It may have been exciting once, but it’s not anymore and you’re over it, it’s stale and you hate it when people ask you what you do.

Because you are sick of hearing yourself complaining about your situation.

You feel like with all of it, you’re just going through the motions.

You find that your passions and interests have moved on, and your career/business is no longer in alignment with your heart and soul. 

You know what you’d prefer to do, but the day job keeps you so busy! All your responsibilities that you have are taking up so much time, and the stuff you desire and love to do takes a back seat. 

And because you have so little spare time to focus on developing your passion project, any time you do have for it is filled with confusion and overwhelm.

You get stuck in cycles, confused about how to move forward to achieve your goals. You find yourself procrastinating & lacking the motivation to move forward. 

And then you realise that you have Action blocks getting in the way.

All the confusion, procrastination, lack of direction, it’s all sabotaging your ability to get out of your current situation. 

And here’s the other thing….

The money.

Your current career pays the bills. It’s safe, it’s reliable, it’s predictable. Do you have the guts to throw it all away and go for your passions? No. 

And yet, you want to. You feel a burning urge to go for it – to take the plunge into the unknown and feel that amazing feeling of going for your passions. To experience the success that you feel a potential of right in your being. 

And what about this…

The idea of following your dreams brings up crippling fear for you. You’re scared of failure, rejection and even more strangely, you realise you’re scared of success.

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself that you’re not worthy of success, of ‘having it all’ – maybe just reading this you realise that you don’t think you’re good enough for that – you always feel like an impostor anyway. 

Maybe you believe that earning money comes at the price of sacrifice… sacrificing time, energy, love, relationships, social life. It is hard to make money and money just doesn’t flow to you, so it certainly wouldn’t flow to you if you were following your dreams! 

You’re perhaps even aware you have money blocks and even though you think you work through them, you still feel guilty asking for more money, you’re not earning enough for the abundant life you want, and you don’t think you deserve money….Plain and simple it’s not available to you – at least that’s how it feels.

You might reflect on your childhood, and remember experiences where your family, peers or teachers gave you well meaning but damaging advice which negatively affects your belief systems to this day… things like “you can’t do that because….”, “you have to get a proper job that pays well”, “you’re not good enough to do that”, “there’ll be so much competition you’ll never make it”. You may even have people in your life now that say this same stuff to you, making you doubt yourself.

Please reach out to Lucy, she can help you as she has helped me. You are worthy, and deserving to have all that you desire in this life. And Lucy can help you too, to change what ever may be holding you back.

Linda Czasar

Maybe you should stay in your lane and stay small. It’s safer there.

But… your heart’s nagging at you, pulling at you. A little quiet voice inside of you is telling you “you can do it!”…it’s just a little sapling, but it’s there and it’s not going anywhere, in fact it’s getting louder.

Then you reach a breaking point

Things come to a head and you realise you can’t take it anymore… Perhaps you’re approaching burn out, perhaps you’re getting really depressed. Maybe you’re nearest and dearest are over your mood. You understand why, cos you’re also over it. You don’t want to complain or be a victim anymore. 

You finally decide that enough is enough. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and getting the same result, and you realise that somethings gotta shift and you’re ready to let go of whatever is holding you back from achieving your dreams.

Things have got to change.

Imagine waking up every morning feeling…

Safe and secure because you focus your days doing something that you have known for a long time you are passionate about AND that gives you financial independence.

… you have a new deep, uncrushable sense of success and abundance which supercharges you to take decisive action to achieve your new direction goals. 

Imagine feeling excited and passionate about your day ahead. You take bold, empowered action to follow your true path with confidence; fearlessly knowing that you have made the right decision to let go of the old and live your passions to impact the world in a bigger way


Imagine after you make the leap, how completely confident you feel in yourself, because you made the shift – you made your life about what you want to do rather than what people want you to do. You are completely freed from the fears and limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in boring routines and deflating projects.

Imagine the epic feeling of pride you feel, that you stepped out of your comfort zone and put yourself firmly back in the driving seat of your own destiny.

Visualise how you light up when people ask you what you do for a living. How you shine as you explain how you are driven by purpose and happiness. You are standing in your power and your bright light radiates to all of those around you, where you are able to help other people and share with them your mission driven gifts to help make everyone around you happier, more abundant.

You now have a great work life balance. Your daily routine lights you up, full of joy and happiness, creativity, with time available for friends and family and to travel. You feel successful and you can provide for ALL YOUR NEEDS by doing what you love.

Your life blossoms.

Lucy listened carefully to the core issues or challenges I was seeking to “connect with and rewire” in my subconscious, and then she was able to gently and confidently lead exactly that.

We had sessions in which we contacted my subconscious through hypnosis to enable me to make challenging decisions, easily and effortlessly.

I am so grateful for the work that we have done together, and would recommend her to anyone who desires to identify/connect with, and then move past deeply-seeded blocks that may be holding them back.

Anne K Ford

Here’s the truth on why you’re not getting anywhere

You need to let go of the crippling fear

The fear is overwhelming you and stopping you from taking action. You’re scared of not being able to pay your bills, scared of being judged, rejected, failing, succeeding. Until this shifts, you won’t shift.

You need to build rock solid self belief

You need to believe in yourself SO MUCH that nothing – no person, no event can set you back. Every setback has to just toughen your resolve to keep on going. 


These negative beliefs you have about yourself are not being run from your conscious mind. That’s why these action blocks are called blocks – they are blocking your passion pathway and you can’t easily or quickly affirm your way out of it…  because the conscious mind isn’t running the show!

It’s the subconscious mind that determines your self belief, your belief in success and it’s the subconscious mind that determines your wealth frequency and that can’t be changed with surface level solutions.

The solution lies in fixing the subconscious programs which are derailing your conscious plans!

You need to build rock solid confidence in yourself so that you believe in your plan passionately and that you are able to confidently charge for your services so you can amplify your income.

Whilst building rock solid self belief you also need to become powerfully aligned to creating your dream life by learning how to tap into your intuition so that you no longer second guess your decisions.

You need to build a strong relationship with money

Money blocks are just as much a problem as ‘Action Blocks’, and are equally deep rooted. 

And guess what?

They are kind of best buddies – where an action block lurks so does a money block. They need to be dealt with at the same subconscious level. You can’t just affirm your way through them!

You need to smash through your money blocks so you can match the vibration of having a life full of abundance in every way. So that you can relax and feel effortlessly abundant with even more financial safety and security.

You need to harness unshakeable self worth so that you have the confidence to charge what you’re worth & expand your capacity to fully receive your dream financial goals.

You need a plan

You’ve never done this before, and you need someone to support you who has. You need an action plan of how you’re going to do it, and what you’re going to prioritise.

You need to learn how to get hyper specific and aligned with your goals so you can not only reach those goals but surpass them.

You need to take action

If you’re here reading this, then chances are you have the vision but are stuck in action paralysis (aka Action Blocks), in the form of Procrastination, Imposter Syndrome, Self Sabotage, visibility fear, fear of failure, fear of rejection – the list goes on. 

The list is huge and so is the outcome – you don’t take action and you’re not moving forward because of it. You stay stuck.

You need to get rid of the action paralysis (again, this needs to be removed from the subconscious mind) and FINALLY take massive, bold, tangible action forward! To your goals. And you want to do so WITHOUT having to work harder. It’s about working smarter, not harder, and living your best lifestyle.

You need to have a plan to follow and you need to take action. You need to carve out time and energy out of your current routine and put your energy and focus into taking consistent action towards building your new business. 

You need help – Your own personal cheerleader

You admit that you can’t do it alone – you need external help and support because you need to throw a lot at this massive life change you’re embarking on.

You also recognise that the crippling self sabotage and fear is deep rooted in your brain and energy and that it needs a mind and energy expert to remove it and rewire a new way of thinking.

To get where you want to go, you need a MASSIVE mindset shift from thinking that passion projects don’t pay the bills to owning the alternative truth that you CAN make money from your passions.

This is mega! This is going to be a huge transition in your life, affecting every part of your lifestyle and it’s going to be SO rewarding…you’re going to feel so satisfied that you’ve made the leap.

All this stuff that needs to shift…

🌟 your internal beliefs about yourself and money 🌟

🌟 how you show up in the world, as well as 🌟

🌟 actually taking the action to make it happen 🌟

….Well you need someone who completely backs you…you need someone who validates you, helps you on the journey….

And when you’re having a wobble…feeling unsure about yourself, your path, not trusting your intuition, not believing you’re good enough you need someone who sees the bigger picture from a non emotional perspective, and cheers you on, builds up your confidence and self belief.

Who you surround yourself with is an important pillar to your success.

That is why I came up with a unique approach for people who are ready to boldly and successfully make the leap to follow their passions, who want support in taking action BUT ALSO need help to eradicate those blocks at a subconscious level, AND isn’t just pretending that these subconscious blocks just disappear in one miraculous instance….

This is why I created


Because I recognise that a career and business change is MASSIVE. If you’re not in alignment with your true purpose and path it affects EVERYTHING.

Your relationships, your lack mindset, your energy… 

It takes tremendous courage because it’s upending everything you’ve ever worked for.

It takes guts and not everyone can do it on their own – it’s ok to ask for help and this program is designed to completely support your evolution.

With the right support – someone in your corner it can be done with huge success and without self sabotage!

We don’t evolve in a linear way. Like the fibonacci sequence, we spiral, we loop. As I work with my Clients in this 1:1 program to let go of past pains and programs, they uplevel and shift. Then we take the opportunity to dig deeper into these issues and peel away another layer.

Using The Manifestation Loop, these blocks are healed with a ‘looping’ process, with hypnotherapy to eradicate the subconscious blocks whilst concurrently not just working out the strategic business actions and taking methodical steps forward, but also using energy work, conscious coaching, meditation and visualisation techniques to realign your energy to the energy of your new life

I feel the shift. I believe it. And I DEF feel the difference!! FOR REAL! I can tell that my beliefs and vision of my future has shifted. I no longer feel the internal resistance to the idea of abundance. When I think about what I want to call in, abundance comes with such ease. 

Tracy Reid

Here’s what Metamorphosis looks like:

The Vision Map – This isn’t a vision board, or a road map, this is different. This is getting real with yourself about what you truly desire, and what the milestones are for you to reach your long to medium term goals. This forms a solid foundation so you are aligned to your vision. The Vision Map – gets you crystal clear Clarity on your vision

Progress Accelerator – the guiding light illuminates the steps you need to take to move along your vision map as efficiently as possible

Uncover your blocks and prioritise which to remove first


Crush your Action Blocks and bring your new reality to life using my Manifestation Loop Method (a combination of Channelled hypnosis, Energy Work & Coaching). This is a transformational method to remove your subconscious Action Blocks and rewire your mind to inject drive and energy to move faster along your path, building momentum so you can reach your goals faster. Doing this work will make you feel more confident, not just in your career, but in every area of your life.


Bust Your Bounty Blocks – Create a Revolutionary Money Mindset by rapidly busting through Bounty Blocks, Financial Fear Blocks, Confidence Blocks and installing a new level of financial abundance and security, so you know and feel that you are worthy of earning and receiving more money.

Take Action – as the action and money blocks fall away, with support and accountability through the Progress Accelerator it becomes so much easier to finally take action in the most aligned way guided by the Vision map.

Re-vision to Re-align – Bringing you into alignment with your vision at every stage in the journey, through energy work, guided visualisation meditation and hypnotherapy so that you are an energetic match to your goals and that you are on the highest pathway to success.

The Manifestation Loop – because none of this is straightforward on linear, and because as some blocks are removed, others will appear, we continue peeling back the onion using my looping method to really weed out these outdated mindsets so they can actually become a part of your history and no part of your future. 

Using advanced hypnotherapy, NLP, coaching, energy healing and neuroscience whilst engaging with the super intelligent quantum field to align your energy to your desires and vice versa! All of this combined inside my Metamorphosis program – this is a powerful uplevel … and you’ll see positive shifts in all areas of your life, not just your career…

Metamorphosis is not for you if:

👉🏻 You’re comfortable to daydream about how your life could be if you were following your passions but have no real intention of ever making it your reality

👉🏻 You aren’t ready to make the commitment to take control of your destiny

👉🏻 You’re not ready to harness the power of the subconscious mind to rewire the limiting beliefs that are holding you back 

👉🏻 You’re more comfortable complaining about and feeling like a victim of your situation than breaking the cycle and finding a solution

Working with Lucy is akin to turning on the light in a dark room, in that abundance is everywhere, but sometimes due to life circumstances, the lights go out and we just don’t see it. With Lucy’s help, I recalibrated my vision thanks to the help of her “light”

Gina Robichaux

However it is for you if:

🌟 You are an aspirational career/business woman who is ready to finally make the leap to follow the path that truly passionately lights you up

🌟 You recognise that overwhelm, fatigue and crippling fear are preventing you from making the move onto your dream path and you’re ready to change that

🌟 You know it’s time to invest in yourself and your mindset to finally create success in a direction that allows you to fully shine

🌟 You identify with any of the following limiting beliefs and behaviours and you know that you’re ready to get rid of them for good. You:

  • Undervalue yourself
  • Procrastinate
  • Have imposter syndrome
  • Self sabotage
  • Have a bad money mindset
  • Have a crippling fear of following your passions
  • Are riddled with self doubt
  • Fear how you will ever pay the bills with your new business venture
  • Lack confidence and self belief
  • Get in a muddle when you have something big to do because you feel so overwhelmed – you don’t know what tasks to prioritise
  • Could be better organised

I would highly recommend this process to anyone struggling to move forward with their life goals.

Sam Tuffnell

Don’t delay your true happiness any longer, apply today to work with me and start the best journey on your passion pathway!

Pricing ranges from £3k – £10k

Payment plans are available